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Discoveries Wax Museum

18 Nov 2019
Discoveries Wax Museum
Look into the eyes of Infante D. Henrique or Vasco da Gama… and try to imagine what they dreamed, observed and what they would actually be like!

Museu de Cera dos Descobrimentos

As they passed the doors of this museum, visitors ahead get ahead with the Portuguese historical characters, and not only that changed the world: Kings, Queens, browsers, knights, among others, dressed in period costume, the result of a rigorous investigation . This space, 230 square meters, is aimed at visitors of all ages. Even the little ones are actually dazzled as the most important in this project, it is to be an engaging spectacle, with many effects of light and sound, where a magical atmosphere is created. This museum has 22 figures, produced in wax and hyper-realistic, only comparable to the best in the world wax museums. The Wax Museum of Discovery aims to provide all its visitors a unique and unparalleled experience in Portugal and in particular the Algarve region. It also has the objective to be an innovative project, taking visitors on a journey where cultural interaction is present at every moment.

Seniors +65 years 4.00€
Adults 6.00€
Children 6 to 15 years: 4.00€
April to June 10h – 18h
July and August 10h – 19h
September 10h – 18h
October to March 10h – 17h
Monday (Except July and August)
December 25th and January 1st

Operating Rules

In the museum space there is no cloakroom or any other place of deposit of visitors´ belongings. In this regard, whenever possible, the transport of backpacks, umbrellas and other larger goods to the interior of the Museum should be avoided.

Not allowed inside the Museum:

Eat or drink;
Running or making noise that may disturb other visitors
Disperse from the group - children are not allowed to walk around the Museum at any time without the supervision of their accompanying adults;

Disregard existing barriers.

Any damage that during the visit is found to be caused by any visitor, must be assumed by the visitor.

The Discoveries Wax Museum reserves the right to intervene if visitors do not comply with the operating rules, and may even terminate the visit at any time, if deemed necessary, without any refund.

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